American Football Game


The Cannversation is here to destigmatize the conversation around cannabis and set the record straight through the world of sports! Seasoned sports journalist Dave Briggs joins Pro Cannabis Media for The Cannversation, a show that covers all the buzz around cannabis in sports.

Tune in for entertaining and informative conversations on the role that cannabis plays in the lives of many professional athletes. Hear from researchers, medical professionals, and athletes alike on their goal to break the stigma surrounding marijuana as a form of alternative medicine.

Host Dave Briggs is the host at Yahoo Business and a former CNN, NBC Sports, and Fox News Anchor. Briggs has over ten years of experience at national networks researching, writing, and producing stories related to current events, politics, foreign affairs, and sports. 


See Briggs alongside Amani Toomer, former New York Giants all-time leading receiver, as they discuss their journey into the world of cannabis.


The Cannversation aims to break the stigma of cannabis through sports and athletes. Join us as we speak with notable athletes with significant accomplishments in their respective sports.  


Some of our guests include Kyle Turley, a former Saints Offensive Tackle, who speaks on how cannabis saved his life and has the potential to help with CTE and injuries. Ricky Williams, a college football Hall of Famer and Heisman award winner, speaks on his experiences with cannabis in the NFL and how it cut his career short but changed his life for the better. 


Along with athletes, we also speak with doctors and medical professionals in the cannabis space. See Dr. Joanna Zeiger, a former Olympian & CEO of the Cannaresearch Foundation, comment on the recent cannabis incident in the Tokyo Olympics. 


Tune into The Cannversation to learn why the normalization of acceptance of this plant medicine is way overdue! To watch The Cannversation, visit our YouTube channel or stream on, Apple TV, and Roku.