Are Cannabis Advocates Over Reacting to Democratic Platform on Decriminalization?

First, let me explain my political position. I hate politics, politicians, a two party system that is tied to money over policy, and the electoral college. I’m not an anarchist, but believe in a true democracy where the popular vote dictates policy and elections. How’s that worked out over the past elections?

I am pro cannabis, but a reality check is in order in 2020 for many of the leaders of the cannabis legalization movement in the USA.

Let’s face facts. Are you alive? Good. That’s a win. 2020 has taught us all that our priorities are all screwed up. Ask the families of the over 150 thousand people who have died from Covid over the past five months. All of our past definitions of winning, success, and progress have been thrown out the window because day to day survival has become the norm for many of us privileged White people who are finally understanding what it is like to be Black in this country. Unfortunately avoiding death has been a daily mantra for people of color in our inner cities for decades. The fact that I’ve seen such little progress in our ability to accept our differences and celebrate them is the biggest disappointment of my 63 years on this Earth.

Turn back the clock 12 years ago when greed in the name of capitalism caused a banking crisis, and “change” became the rallying cry of the campaign for President Barack Obama who became the first African American to be elected President of the United States.

8 years later, a narcissist, racist, sexist, reality TV show host gets into the White House and exposes that what I thought was progress with race relations only drove that racism underground. It’s still here people, and it took a disgusting person who is our POTUS to expose many of us as frauds.

So what does this have to do with the democratic platform of decriminalization of cannabis?

Everything! Cannabis isn’t a drug issue, it’s a civil rights issue. Our prisons are full of people of color who have been targeted by law enforcement during the war on drugs that just exposed our racial divide more than anything else. Cannabis is right in the middle of the Covid relief debate between Republicans and Democrats in DC who can’t see through their own personal re-election agendas to do their jobs and represent the people who put them in office.

All cannabis advocates should be congratulated for the work they’ve done getting the Green Wave started that has moved the needle away from prohibition. However, they want full legalization, now. I don’t blame them, but we can’t let cannabis reform get in the way of the most important goal right now, making a change in the White House.