Cannabis Clubs are coming to Massachusetts, but shhhh, some have already embraced the New Normal.

The Times they are a changing….Bob Dylan wrote that in 1963 to describe the social culture shift that led to Woodstock and fueled the protest era that helped bring the end to the Vietnam War. This past weekend they sure were changing in Massachusetts somewhere west of Worcester. That’s where and when I experienced what the first social cannabis club will look like, if and when the Cannabis Control Commission ever figures out how to regulate it in MA. I know they continue to take in public opinion on this, so here’s mine. On Saturday in a well known small city in Massachusetts, I dined at a public restaurant with an outdoor patio on a beautiful summer night. There was the waft of fine herb in the air emanating from another nearby outdoor patio area of an adjacent business (Was it Bruce Banner? Blue Dream? Or FLO OG? Who knows, but I know it was “flower!”).

Back on the patio I was at, there were people passing weed in bowls to smoke, vaping on their pens, smoking their cigarettes (tobacco not cannabis), all while ordering dinner and enjoying their favorite adult beverage. The wait staff and bartenders were all smiling and enjoying the vibe at their patio, and in fact one waiter said when asked if it was ok, said with a big grin “ we encourage it!” When I heard that I looked at another senior age appropriate peer and grinned.

No one under the age of 21 was out after 9pm, so the adults got to relax and enjoy themselves. Ubers were used to transport those who knew they shouldn’t drive, and there were no accidents or arrests. No lives were lost, no kids were around, no one did anything that would be considered to be “stoned maneuvers.” It was a brief glimpse into the future of what the New Normal will look like in a few years or perhaps even next year in Massachusetts.

I certainly don’t advocate for the firing up of a butane torch (oh, yeah that was on hand too) or a lighter indoors, but outdoors is outdoors, and there’s been far worse in our atmosphere than just the tobacco and emissions we put in our air over the years. If the CCC can visit any of the area hookah bars or cigar bars, and see how some adults enjoy a night out they might even think this can be replicated for weed. After all there are plenty of ways to enjoy an adult product responsibly, and not interfere with anyone’s personal space.