Don’t bogart that joint, pass it over…just don’t pass me Covid 19!

By Jimmy Young – Founder Pro Cannabis Media

First a disclaimer, I am old enough to have seen the movie “Easy Rider” in a movie theatre, but it’s the Fraternity of Man who wrote those words back in the ‘60’s. Now that the world wide pandemic of Covid 19 is upon us, how will the cannabis community be able to continue the socialization activity that is part of this culture?

Basically I’m asking you to pass me the joint just don’t pass me your germs! There are plenty of different ways to enjoy your plant medicine AKA cannabis sativa, (grass, weed, pot and a million other names, I just don’t use the M word!) and still protect yourself from sharing germs.

I stopped by one of my favorite medicinal dispensaries in the Greater Boston, MA area, Revolutionary clinics, and asked that question to one of their outstanding patient advocates (I hate the term budtender too!). They had quite a few different products designed for personal use including one called a bong condom!

There were glass filters that fit over a pre-roll or a home-roll. There are quite a few that are made out of silicon, but the one I stopped and shopped was the product the MAZE Pipe.

It’s a four-part filtration system designed by a medical device genius and a cannabis Registered Nurse from my home state of Massachusetts. It comes apart for easy cleaning (dish soap and hot water soaked over an hour plus does the trick!) It has replaceable screens that look like macro “colanders”. Best of all, the silicon filter at the end of the Maze Pipe comes off and you can add a disposable arc filter (you can get 100 for $13 on Amazon). actiTube - activated CHARCOAL filters for rolling 9mm - 1 box = 100 filters

The unique filtration for titration system cools the combustible smoke from a 1300 degrees (Fahrenheit) to under 80 degrees by the time it hits your lungs! It is a cool, simple draw similar to a vape pen, but you get that direct effect that burning your blunts gives you.

I share this information because as a former sportscaster from New England turned college instructor, I am always looking for ways to inform the public about the latest gadgets and gizmos that enhance your cannabis experience responsibly. It’s one of the reasons why I started Pro Cannabis Media, and my two podcasts Weed Talk Live with Curt and Jimmy, and In The Weeds with Jimmy Young.