Hey Facebook, Lighten Up!

Does Social Media hold all the cards now in the world of information? No matter what side of the political fence you are on, we all admit that social media has too much influence on our society. They can claim that it’s filters or the curation of content but if you are going to be a social network you still have to have a human element to your so called artificial intelligence. (Isn’t that an oxymoron? “What’s the difference between a human and a sponge, it’s our ability to think!” Scopes trial quote)

Someone or something in the Facebook world is making decisions about what is dangerous content that spews hateful doctrine, and last night Pro Cannabis Media was victim to that during our live stream from the Performer TV Visual Radio studios in Quincy, Massachusetts.

4 times during our two-hour talk show with PHD Dr’s, a pediatrician, a nurse, a veteran, and an entrepreneur, Facebook decided that talking about cannabis was dangerous and cut our live feed.

As the founder of a Pro Cannabis Media Group, I continue to rail against traditional media for not giving equal balanced factual coverage of this historic time in our country when cannabis is slowly being removed from it’s senseless classification as a schedule 1 drug with no medical benefits.

Ok, media brethren, I get it. The world has changed. Information is now in the hands of the people, and humans are not perfect, that means everyone has a right to post their opinions and not resource the facts. In my lifetime, (Born in 1957 for those scoring at home) this country has never been more divided along racial, religious, socio-economic class, and even the traditional media is at war with each other. Let’s not over correct our political correctness while trying to maintain an individuals’ freedom of speech and the press.