In The beginning there was a mom...

A Cannabis Mom: The Beginning

Welcome to the first Cannabis Mom blog post! And, just for the record (in case my mom is reading my blog) this isn’t who I intended to be. My journey from attorney and political candidate to cannabis advocate, or as my father would have said from politics to pot, began as such journeys do, moving forward from disappointment and failure. But I’m nothing if not persistent. Now, after a long and circuitous route over many, many years, I am declaring myself a Cannabis Mom.

Cannabis was introduced to me by my older brother around 1978, just as the war on drugs was heating up and drugs, all drugs, were scary. I still tried drugs, including alcohol, but despite feeling pretty good when I smoked cannabis, I used it sparingly.

Cannabis really came back into my life when I became this person I never expected to be, a mom. I was an ambitious young woman who at thirty decided to get a law degree as a way for my voice to be heard and to make a difference in the world. I thought that if I expanded my mind with a solid, legal education, I could assume my place in the “real” world, like my father, and not get stuck in female domesticity.

But, during the second semester of my third year of law school I realized I did not have nervous indigestion during the weeks leading up to my mid-terms; I was pregnant. My husband and I were not planning on starting a family just as I was about to study for the bar, but sometimes life just happens. I like to boast that my son was with me when I took the bar, thus proving a woman’s uterus and her brain can work simultaneously. But when Josh arrived in this wild and crazy world, my world became transfixed on him. So despite my claims of equality and my rants against the constraints of domestic expectations and my own need for independence, I became the person I never expected to be.

A stay-at-home mom.

Twenty-years ago the turmoil and tedium of domesticity was cast upon me, and the mom friends I spent most of my time with did like their wine, but a few also liked cannabis. And I liked it too. I liked it more than wine because it helped me unwind in a way that felt healthier than alcohol. But because I was uninformed I was ashamed of what I was doing, I kept cannabis a secret. Even as I lived it, I knew something was wrong with my shame of cannabis given that my husband was free to have a beer or two with no judgement, but there was something dangerous about my drug of choice.

I wish there had been a publication like Women & Weed and I had access to stories like Pot & Motherhood (Centennial Spotlight Publication, couldn’t find URL) when my children were young. All I had access to were mainstream media stories that left me feeling fearful and secretive. But now I am a middle-aged woman with “almost” grown children who has a place for my grounded and informed cannabis voice to help the next generation of mothers like me.

When I met Jimmy Young last June at a cannabis networking event he was passionate about his vision for a health and wellness Cannabis Multi Media Network, and I needed a job. If you are like me you are relearning everything you thought you knew about this amazing plant, from what the difference between cannabis and hemp is, to whether or not it is safe for people over fifty how to dab. Jimmy and I have created that place where quality cannabis content is curated on a cannabis friendly multimedia site.