Liquor yes! Weed no? That's Governor Charlie Baker's Way With Cannabis.

Liquor yes! Weed no? That’s Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s way of once again putting the screws to a new industry. I get it, the corona-virus is serious, especially for those my age and older, but shutting down the 40 adult use cannabis dispensaries is just not necessary in your state. Other states’ Governors (Michigan, Nevada,) have signed emergency orders allowing adult use consumers to be able to pick up at curbside or have it delivered.

You’ve already screwed the restaurants and bars for public safety, and I do get that, but making an issue of the differences between liquor stores as “essential”, and adult use dispensaries as “non essential” is just wrong, its 2020, 4 years after your voters approved of it’s sale and use. You continue to do everything you can to make it difficult for this industry to start. It took 4 years just to get the first dispensary up in Boston, and they can’t even hang a sign announcing that Pure Oasis is open? Now they have to close.

In fact, it's another example of how this state’s administration continues to disregard the people’s desire to have cannabis legal in his state. To him, it’s a necessary evil …weed. Your voters passed Question 4 in 2016, and now over 62% of the nation and your constituency wants cannabis legalized federally. (Pew research 2019-Nov)

I will give him some credit for leaving the medical dispensaries alone but I ask you what kind of message is he sending to the public? It’s ok to go into a liquor store and buy alcohol as long as you keep your social distance. However don’t go into the adult use cannabis dispensary! You will be exposing yourself to the corona-virus more than those that go into liquor stores! WTF?

This isn’t about me, I hold a medical card since the Massachusetts medicinal program went into effect 7 years ago. I use it for chronic pain for the arthritis I inherited from my family, and the 4 major surgeries I’ve had over the past 20 years. (Yes, it sucks getting old!)

You may not like the smell, you might not like the plant, but anything you do for adult use should be consistent. Do I really need to point out the fact that more people have died from alcohol poisoning than consumption of cannabis? This shouldn’t be a battle between the two adult use products. The goal for responsible users of both products is education. It’s about being mature enough to know when enough is enough, and what each product does to your adult brain. Moderation is the key with alcohol, and the same can be said about cannabis.

Parents have a great opportunity to educate themselves about the plant, and at the same time explain the differences about them both and then talk to their children about them BOTH! By singling out cannabis again, you are showing once again that under your leadership, cannabis is a necessary evil weed, and that’s just not right anymore.