Major League breakthrough! Major League Baseball Treats Weed like Alcohol!

By Jimmy Young

Founder, Pro Cannabis Media

Shock and Awe! That was my reaction when I heard that it was Major

League Baseball that become the first professional sports league in the

USA to change it’s policy towards cannabis by taking it off the list of

banned substances to be tested.

Moving forward, they will treat cannabis like alcohol, enjoy it

responsibly, but if you develop a dependency, you go into treatment.

Wow, what a novel approach to treating grown men with respect for

their habits!

Now, please don’t tell me that cannabis hasn’t been consumed by Major

League Baseball players over the years, after all this is the same league

that looked the other way when steroids and androstenediol was so

rampant, they named an entire time frame as the “Steroid Era”.

In fact you could make a case that steroids and drugs saved baseball

from extinction by creating a performance enhanced Home Run battle

between Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa in the mid

1990’s. Who was going to be the one who will break Roger Maris’ 61

home run record for a season? MLB didn’t care what their performers

put in their bodies as long as it put fannies in the seats, and eyeballs

watching the games on TV. Level playing field? Not so much, but hey

everybody was taking something back then, right?

This is the same league that also looked the other way, when

amphetamines, called “greenie’s” were available in many locker rooms

just to give the players a little “boost” during a long 162 game season.

That practice and other disgusting behaviors was unveiled by a former

Yankee and Seattle Pilots pitcher named Jim Bouton in his 1969 book

Ball Four. In that book many stories were shared about the obnoxious

behavior of baseball players on the road, and in the clubhouse. That

clubhouse is supposed to be a sanctuary. What happens in there stays in

there. Not so with Bouton whose agenda was to sell a “tell all” book

about baseball. He was not a favorite of his team mates to say the least.

(You are not a true sports fan, or even a baseball fan if you haven’t read

the book!)

Baseball players on drugs? Shocking! Not so much. Now at least MLB

will go down in history as being the first professional sports league to

take cannabis off it’s banned list. As we look at the historic end to

cannabis prohibition in this country this move will have it’s significance

measured along side the signing of the Farm Bill in December 2018 as

key factors in removing the stigma and its classification as a schedule 1

drug, a plant with no medicinal value. Now that’s a Home Run!