Meed in the Wedia

Attention Massachusetts Media, WHDH, WCVB, WBZ, WFXT, NBC10,Boston Globe & all the radio stations in the market – Please learn about the plant before you report on it! :

If a liquor store is a liquor store, or even a package store, a “packy”, why is a cannabis dispensary a “Pot Shop”? It’s a place of business where medicine from the cannabis sativa plant is distributed to adult patients,who use it responsibly and recreationally. You can even buy it legally now. Would you call a Liquor Store, A Booze Shop? (Thanks SW for the analogy)

I am really upset at some of my old friends from the traditional commercial media world. Salem Massachusetts’ Alternative Therapy had to close their recreational sales for a “glitch” in the tracking of the flower sold to adults from their recreational inventory. Headlines roared “Pot Shop Closes” or another sensational headline to get the attention of the reader.Pot shop puts recreational sales on hold after tracking data goes up in smoke” was WCVB’s online headline (Ok, pretty clever, but get rid of the Pot Shop reference!!!!)

Look I understand that the journalist who is telling the story is not the headline writer, but can we please find another term for the place of business where a sale transaction is being consummated! In the Salem case, the dispensary points the figure at the tracking technology, METRC, that all medical dispensaries use guided by state regulations. The dispensary never closed, it just closed for the recreational community, those who carry a medicinal card will always have product available to them thanks to the CCC’s rule of reserving 35% of total crop for medicinal use.

(Speaking of terms, every time I see the word “marijuana” I get a flash frame of Reefer Madness. Do we still have to educate the media on why that term is racist? Read some of our cannablogs for the history of that word, and why cannabis industry advocates cringe when they see and hear it. )

The media seems to be the target for all of societal ills these days. I respect the job they do, and maintaining a healthy “press” is important to keep checks on the imbalances of many parts of our world. As for the cannabis industry, they are being choked by the state of Massachusetts for some of the processes, practices, and tracking of seed to sale that they are required to maintain,under the constant eye of unannounced inspections.

Mass Governor Charlie Baker has done a great job putting the brakes on an explosion of weed in his Bay State by appointing a Cannabis Control Commission that has been meticulous and thorough on the issuing of licenses. They have written regulations and rules, that err on the side of caution in order to control the beginning of the roll out of licenses.

What I still find fascinating is the fact when the public really needs to be educated about the rules, regulations, and use of this adult product, there hasn’t been one Public Service Announcement about the benefits of this cannabis plant. Is the media really serving the public information the right way here? I don’t think so.