SJC Clarence Thomas calls out Federal Cannabis Policy as Inconsistent

Judge Thomas missed it by one word. What was that word? Race.

SJC Clarence Thomas calls out Federal cannabis policy as inconsistent.

This headline rocked the cannabis media world this week. Supreme Court Judge slams feds marijuana stance as “contradictory” and “unstable”. He says laws against marijuana may “no longer be necessary”. headlines shouldn’t shock you if you are a cannabis advocate, but the fact that this comes from Justice Clarence Thomas is shocking. Usually the word “conservative” precedes his name since we live in a label society where one word is supposed to define who we are and what we are about.

Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Native, Latin, White, Black, Asian, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Young, Old, Male, Female, Trans, Gay, Lesbian, or Straight, I know that every one of those words sparked an image in your mind. We are all human, we all prejudge based on our education and experience, but it’s still one word.

What if one of those words was American? What image comes into your mind now?

Unless you are native American (the word is now indigenous) in what is now called North America, you really don’t have a claim to the land that we all live in and call the greatest nation on the planet. We are an immigrant nation. We all came from some other part of the globe.

Don’t you think it’s time we start acting like one family of humanity?

We celebrate the 245th birthday of this nation in a few days, but I’m not sure how far we’ve come since 1776. Our forefathers arrived claiming that they wanted freedom from the tyranny that was part of their European world. “Give me liberty or give me death!” Proclaimed Patrick Henry in 1775 at the first constitution convention in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

So what did those founders do when they arrived? They took the land away from our native brothers, (when they weren’t being slaughtered and killed), and put them in land cages disguised as “reservations”. (I guess that liberty and freedom thing only extended to whatever race is claiming that?) That is what was happening at the time our forefathers wrote the constitution and became a nation.

The Constitution is the same document that Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas and his fellow Judges, interpret in their chambers to this day. Isn’t it amazing that those words have survived while the implementation of those principals continues to be questioned?

Our white forefathers packed their “ discovery ships” with cargo they called slaves, mostly black people, humans, from Africa. For the 17th and 18th and 19th centuries our original colonists took care of their own people while continuing to perpetuate the great white myth of their superiority over anyone who looked different.

The West was “won”, Blacks were enslaved, and Mexicans? They brought that evil marihuana leaf to America and hung out with those jazz musicians who enjoyed making music no one had ever heard before. Then came the Civil War in 1865, the North won, thousands of our own countrymen were killed, and Blacks were freed from slavery.

So why did it take156 years for our government to recognize Juneteenth? (Keep in mind that it took 162years until 1938 to recognize the 4th of July as our own national holiday!)

On June 17th, our most politically divided Senate in history actually agreed unanimously to recognize that creating a federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery in Galveston Texas was a good thing to do.

Hallelujah! I have restored faith in the human race that most people want to do the right thing in life. Good vs evil. Right instead of wrong. Just instead of injustice. Equality instead of inequality. Fair vs. foul. If we can understand those words, why do we let ourselves fall victim to human prejudice?

Now we have a Supreme Court Justice who is calling out our Federal lawmakers to do the right thing and reform our archaic cannabis prohibition. The only thing I’m a little disappointed in Judge Thomas’ five page opinion piece, is the word he left out. That word is “race.” In Leafly Editor’s Bruce Barcott’s book, Weed The People, he formed his personal opinion about cannabis legality in his home state of Washington, after friends from the ACLU explained that cannabis is not a drug issue but a race issue.

Whites and Blacks use cannabis equally but our jails are filled with persons of color who are arrested 3.75 times more often than white people for cannabis possession crimes.

You would think Judge Thomas of all people should understand how the laws he interprets have been serving one race at the expense of others for hundreds of years in this country. He stuck to the constitution to make his case, which is what he is supposed to do, but don’t you think this would have been a good opportunity to do something right and point out something that’s been drastically wrong since 1937? It sure sounds like he wants to.

So light up sky with fireworks, embrace your neighbor, especially those who might not look like you. We are one family of humanity now and forever. Celebrate freedom of thought and expression, that’s what I think of when I see the word American.

Happy Birthday America 2021!