Weed The People

This past weekend I watched the revolutionary documentary, Weed the People, and understood how urgent the national legalization of cannabis is. If you are questioning the reasons why cannabis must be legalized and regulated in this country and still believe that after watching those families with their sick children, then I worry about your compassion. Watch it, your life will be changed.

And on the other spectrum of our country’s hypocritical and asinine drug policies is the story of how some generic drug companies are saving money and screwing us, in the shattering book Bottle of Lies by journalist Katherine Eban. Both these narratives point out the absurdity of hiding in the shadows because what is never seen will never be changed. And that brings me back to cannabis!

We are launching the Pro Cannabis Media group because we cannot be quiet and remain in the shadows anymore to cover the lies a few men in our government propagated to ensure their power in this country. PCM wants to be the trusted narrator of the multitude of cannabis stories need to be heard to transform the hateful misinformation of the past eighty years. PCM will be a loud voice in this new conversation to eliminate the shame and stigma now surrounding cannabis. We must end the fear. PCM will fight the xenophobic misogyny that created the narrative of “evil marijuana” that was packaged as false security. It was certainly not experienced that way by multitudes of our black and brown citizens who were pawns in the destructive war on drugs.

PCM has several generations of ugly propaganda to counter about cannabis, so let’s begin now.

Welcome to your new home for cannabis news and information. On PCM we will be presenting opinions based on science and reality, not justifications of misguided policies like those created by men such as Harry Anslinger and Richard Nixon. Cannabis is the opposite of what those men tried to convince us of, and it was pretty brazen of them to even try given that they were up against over three thousand years of health and wellness uses documented by humans all over this world. Never underestimate a person’s chutzpa.

They say true creativity is simply intelligence having fun, and I’m sure all of like a little fun. So let’s try this out. Try to imagine a world where cannabis remained legal in 1937 but prohibition remained in place. Our culture would have evolved around other norms and today we could be having a discussion on the merits of legalizing alcohol for recreational and medicinal use. Knowing what you do about alcohol, its toxicity, addictive propensity, its ability to destroy a person’s health, would you choose to legalize it?

Now think about cannabis. A substance that not only makes a person feel “groovy” but may also have the capacity to heal our sick world. We know it has medicinal qualities that are being tested and testified to every day across the world. And it is now providing jobs and creating a new and exciting industry that could both increase our coffers and be a solution for climate change and criminal justice reform.

Why, I ask you, would you choose to decriminalize alcohol? And why have we put people in jail and ruined their lives for smoking a joint?

The truth is I was not always a believer in the power of cannabis and was ashamed and confused by my own experience with it. When I gave up on overachieving and gave into the pressures that told me I was not quite good enough, I started using cannabis more often because, basically, I had given up. I didn’t tell anyone about my use because I was worried and thought I was doing something bad or even dangerous. But the weird thing, the unexpected thing, was that when I used it I felt better and was able to get shit done. At first I didn’t believe my own experience, so I tried it again. It was such a powerful challenge to narrative I’d been told about cannabis all my life that it forced me to ask my doctor about it and set out to learn what I didn’t know. Let me tell you, there is so much I didn’t know.

At PCM we want to help you learn what you don’t know! We want to build communities and re-establish some new social norms around cannabis. Sometimes transformation happens after failure, and sometimes it happens because you find yourself here, at a key moment in history with the ability to buzz in at exactly the right moment. And our moment is now, we are ready to help you feel comfortable with this element of our world that has been demonized for too long and for very dark reasons. At PCM we know what we know, and we know others know so much more so we are going to having them tell you their cannabis stories so we can all learn together. And even though we are all probably wrong about things as much as we are right, I know we are right about PCM. So for all you cannabis virgins out there, we are here to be your cannabis Sherpas through the ever evolving and constantly changing whole new world of weed.

Welcome to PCM, the narrator of the cannabis stories that are changing our world.