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We design, build, send, and track your email campaigns. Creating opt-in strategies and defining your segmented audiences, deliver scheduled emails optimized for any browser. We then analyze reporting, build the right funnels and automation, continually work to improve your results and prioritize deliverability.

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Cannabis brands require a consistent and balanced social media presence that battles the day to day challenges of social media channel updates and algorithms.  Pro Cannabis Media will grow your dispensary or any cannabis brand’s following, engagement, and lead generation through our cannabis social network of influencers and well-researched marijuana tags.

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We offer a broad suite of advertising services including but not limited to television, digital, print and radio campaigns, promotional and integrated campaigns, community management, and search engine optimizations.  Our 30+ years operating in the broadcast and advertising space have led to deep roots and many strategic partners. Now in the Cannabis industry, we know the dos and don’ts of cannabis, CBD, Hemp, etc. ads and how to tell and share your unique story.

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Have you created an alignment between your sales and advertising? Does your sales team represent your brand properly? Are your marketing strategies producing results? We connect the dots and bring everything together. Our team has over 30+ years of experience servicing national, regional, and local businesses to help grow their business.



Have you ever wanted to host your talk show or podcast? Now you can. Get comfortable on camera or behind a microphone. Our founder Jimmy Young has created an easy to understand training workshop that will have you recording and uploading your interviews with guests you choose, to position you as an expert on your brand and industry. You control your message by controlling the content you create.

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We offer high resolution and high definition content creation that’s curated and strategic. From lifestyle and product photography to videography, promotional video production, and blogging, we will give your brand a consistent and positive visual representation. Blogging, social media, and promotional pieces are just a few places our cutting edge content can be put to use. Our team of videographers is happy to document your event, dispensary but most of all, Tell your Story! Consumers continue to evolve and we have been paying attention.  Every day over 100 million hours of video are watched on the most popular social platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Video is quickly becoming critical in brand positioning and promotional efforts. We are proud of our podcasting and expert storytelling and understand how to position your brand to align with the cannabis news cycle.



Branding is a key ingredient to your marketing platform. You want your logo, tagline, color scheme, and overall voice to be as consistent as possible and to communicate your cannabis brand’s true identity. Whether you are a dispensary, farm, or anything in between, let us help you make a mark in the MMJ or CBD market with our logo design and branding development. Want to take your website or advertisement to the next level? Let’s animate your designs to distinguish your brand in a competitive market!

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Standards of branding and marketing within the cannabis industry are on the rise. Despite this, so many business owners are resistant to making the necessary changes to keep up.  We understand the complex challenges cannabis businesses are up against and we are here to help!  We offer an expansive array of services to build and promote brands on a national, regional, local, and global scale.  Our mission is deeply rooted in the conversation and culture surrounding cannabis. The backbone of any great brand is a story. We strive to build brands that look and feel authentic in their relative market while establishing a strong strategic foundation for those brands to grow on.

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