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2022 Legalization of Marijuana Being Debated in Congress

On Weed Talk News, the entire industry is watching Friday's congressional debate in the US House of Representatives about the MORE Act, the first step towards legalization of cannabis in the USA.

Even if the house does pass this bill, it still has to go to the US Senate where all cannabis progressive policy goes nowhere. That didn't stop the State of New Hampshire who passed "State Run" Adult Use legislation before Weed Talk News released. Green Rush Live on Friday April 1 will have NH Rep Tim Egan on live at the top of that two hour live business talk show. Plus Pabst Blue Ribbon infused seltzers increase their THC content to 10Mg in California and more state delays for licensing in NJ and Michigan. Weed Talk News gives you cannabis news from coast to coast with our state by state round ups, Alaina Pinto anchors.


April 1, 2022