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Amazon Passes on Weed Testing for Employees

Amazon is one of the nation's largest retailers in the world featuring hundreds of employees who now will not be suspended for cannabis use. Not only did the retail giant change their employee policy, but they also urged the Federal Government to pass legalization with support of the MORE Act. That bill that passed the US House last year is back and Morgan Fox of the NCIA explains why this bill is more far reaching because it involves the SBA. A US educational report concludes that teen cannabis use is not affected by legality in states.

Plus we hear from Trixie Garcia, the daughter of the late Jerry Garcia, and now with Hollistic Industries who chimes in on the move towards normalcy. State Reports from MIchigan with Rick Thompson, The Green Market Report's Debra Borchardt, Margo Vesely from Illinois and Ron Marshelsea with the Massachusetts report. Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Meida anchors the cannabis news of the week.


June 4, 2021

Life in general is getting more and more normal for many Americans as vaccinations surge, and Covid cases come down. Another sign of normalcy is when the nation's largest retailer Amazon announces they will no longer penalize employees for testing positive for cannabis…needless to say this was welcome news in the entire cannabis community including the daughter of Jerry Garcia Trixie of Holistic Industries…

In Massachusetts, one of the hottest markets in the cannabis industry right now, there was a disturbing report made by the Northeast Sustainable Cannabis Project to the legislature’s joint committee on cannabis policy.  The report focuses on indoor growing and the cost of the electricity to power those facilities. The report shows that cannabis cultivation indoors in Massachusetts  is responsible for 10% of all industrial electricity consumption in the state. The cannabis control commission has awarded licenses to 1.1 million square feet for indoor growing and only 285 thousand for outdoor. This is another reason why I support the initiative of the only solar powered dispensary in the state, Solar Therapeutics in Somerset. Seems to me incentives for energy alternatives have to be introduced.

Vermont’s green nurse Jessilyn Dolan is on special assignment this week but that state’s cannabis control board had its first official meeting this week.  Board chair James Pepper said he hopes to establish a diverse and equitable marketplace. He wants “to quote” build upon Vermont’s competitive advantages, and can sustain and thrive in an eventual transition to federal legalization” unquote and amen to that…

In Louisiana, a bill to legalize smoking of medicinal marijuana has passed the legislature and now heads to the desk of the governor. This is a huge step forward for a program that has been limited to vaping flower by metered dose and tincture titration only. There is a companion bill still in the Louisiana house that will decriminalize possession up to one half ounce.

If you are planning on heading to Las Vegas Nevada for MJBIZ con in October there is a chance that social consumption lounges could become available through a new special license.  A bill that creates two new licensing categories, one for retailers and the other for independent lounges. Is now heading to the desk of their governor to be signed.

A report made byUS Department of Education’s National Center for Education statistics looked at research that found no evidence of any increase in cannabis use in legal states by teenagers. This study looked at the cannabis habits of teens from 2009 to 2019. This will rebut many of the prohibitionist’s arguments against cannabis legalization. It also supports another study conducted over 20 years where cannabis use has actually decreased among teens.

And finally two international stories, one out of Germany and one out of China. In Germany the first cannabis company to go public and be listed on their stock exchange is Cannovum. They are an importer and exporter of medical cannabis. In Hong Kong, police made the largest bust in over a decade where they seized 7 million dollars of flower. Three men were arrested and may never be seen again.

We’ll be talking about the international cannabis scene on this week's green rush live with some of the biggest names in Canada Nathan Mison, and Bruce Linton, plus a few others scattered over the two hour live business of cannabis show. For now, I'm Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media for Weed Talk News. Remember it's a whole new world of weed out there, use it responsibly, thanks for watching and listening.