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CBD Grandma sues Disney; Rev Clinics fined. Heart Assoc. calls for de-scheduling. Vapes back in MA?

On Weed Talk News this week, over 600,000 quarantined vape cartridges are sent back to dispensaries in Massachusetts, now what? We talk with ACS CEO Stephen Werther. The American Heart Association releases a report calling for more research and the descheduling of cannabis while concluding that smoking it hurts your lungs. The media blows it up with sensational headlines. We hear from Dr. Ryan Zaklin our medical correspondent. Phil Adams from DC reports on the disappointing Democratic platform calling for decriminalization not legelation. Solomon Israel from MJBIZ Daily reports tha delivery might be opening up in his Canadian Cannabis Report. Curt Dalton of Cannabis.net and Jimmy Young sound off on the Weed Talk News of the week.


August 8, 2020