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Democracy Takes a Hit in Mississippi + Legalization on Deck in Connecticut

The ghosts of Mississippi rear their ugly heads again as that state's Supreme Court overturns the votes of the people in November and kills the medical marijuana initiative voted in by the populace. Advocates are irate, we talk with one, Dr. Dave Allen. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is expecting to sign an adult use legalization of cannabis bill if his legislature wraps up the bill next week. State by State updates from New Jersey, Michigan, Vermont and Washington DC. After two years of working to find a workable host community agreement, Aaron Goines Emerald Turtle is welcome in Wareham, Massachusetts, now paving the way for licensure application. We have reaction. Debra Borchardt's Green Market Report checks in on the fluctuating Cannabis markets, and the Pennsylvania Governor pardons a doctor who did the right thing, and then got arrested for doing it on Weed Talk News with Jimmy Young of Pro Cannabis Media anchors.


May 28, 2021

Coming up on weed talk news this week, democracy takes a hit in Mississippi as the supreme court there nullifies the voters wishes to bring a medicinal marijuana law to that state…is Connecticut on the verge of legalization for adult use? a president biden appointee to the irs puts cannabis businesses in his cross hairs for investigations, and the race to a host agreement was slow and steady for the emerald turtle delivery service in the bay state, but there’s one happy couple in massachusetts on weed talk news next……

This was the week that the more act which legalizes cannabis federally was going to be reintroduced. it didn’t, but now it should be next week and there are all sorts of back door meetings going on in washington dc, and cannabis could end up being part of the deal regarding the budget.

Only in america. speaking of our great country, as interesting as what is going on federally with cannabis reform in dc. There is a disturbing trend at the state level. specifically mississippi. A week ago, the state supreme court of Mississippi decided that voters of that state don’t matter. You see, on election day, 74%  of Mississippi voters said yes to legalizing a medical marijuana program .

Last week the supreme court of Mississippi said that the vote was null and void. Needless to say, this week, there were demonstrations at the supreme court of Mississippi protesting the court's decision. Dr Dave Allen, a retired cardio vascular surgeon is an outspoken proponent of the powers of cannabis as a medicine and he has written initiative 77 that would legalize all cannabis use in that state….to find out about initiative 77 in Mississippi check out their facebook page and increase their support. It's obvious that the state has a few issues. dr. Dave Allen is my guest this week in the weeds. Next up, is legalization coming to the state of connecticut? It could happen next week. Their governor, Ned Lamont, recognizes that there are a few issues that remain, but believes it can all get worked out over the next 7 days before this current legislative session is done.

One more note from New York, delta 8 thc has now been banned by the state. This is the form of the intoxicating chemical in the hemp plant. Many cbd manufacturers and retailers were relying on delta 8 to create their cbd products. one of those retailers empire cbd that had six stores in new york has closed all their operations and moved to Florida.

Another midwest state that is rocking it’s new cannabis market is illinois. Not only are they setting sales records every month, but now they actually might be doing the right thing for social equity applicants. They came under a lot of criticism for the first wave of licenses doled out, but now a new bill just passed the house there that will address those omissions through two lotteries. 115 licenses will be up for grabs for social equity applicants that includes five medical licenses.

Whoopi Goldberg is coming to massachusetts. Well at least her celebrity cannabis brand called Emma and Clyde is. it’s named after the talk show host and actresses’s late parents. you can find her brand in the dispensary hub craft in Easthampton. since they grow it in fitchburg, there’s a chance it will be in a dispensary near you in the near future. anybody want to review all these celebrity strains? one week is Garcia hand-picked, then it's Tommy Chong's choice, cookies and berner.

In that story you heard about Aaron and Jannelle Goines, the owners of the emerald turtle delivery service. I got a chance to talk with Aaron about this long and winding road Massachusetts calls the host community agreement…a huge sense of relief…

Now the application process for the actual license begins, Aaron is hopeful that delivery can begin within a year, but nothing is easy in the cannabis business…now let's turn to washington dc where every time you think you will see something positive, you hear something negative. although in this case it’s no surprise. why? it has to do with a president biden appointee to the irs who said this week that he supports investigating cannabis companies. no surprise three. for the rest of the news out of our nation's capital…here’s our dc report with vote pro pot casts phil adams…

In New Jersey, according to a new poll by Monmouth University, the quality of life in New Jersey has not been affected by the decriminalization of cannabis. Of course sales have not begun yet, but the process towards adult use stores and dispensaries is beginning…

Now here’s the rest of the cannabis news from this week in what we call `` cannabis news style…

Colorado has now increased its possession limit from one ounce to two ounces. that now goes to the governor's desk for a signature.

Las Vegas Nevada has waived its pandemic limits on in person events. That means mjbiz con is ready to rock in october.

Overseas, two european nations are entering the medical cannabis space for growing and distribution. Greece and denmark.

Finally, a good story about a pardon for a doctor in Pennsylvania who spent six months in jail and lost his career for growing cannabis for his sick wife. dr. Paul Ezell lost his license to practice medicine after getting busted for growing weed to help his sick wife rid herself of opioids. Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf pardoned the opthalmologist who will now have his record expunged, and his license to practice restored.  Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman's statement says it all…

“here’s a doctor of 30 years who had not so much as a speeding ticket and then his whole life was ruined for giving his wife medicine that’s now legal in pennsylvania. This is a prime example of the destructive power of reefer madness. cases like this illustrate why we must end marijuna prohibition before it destroys one more life..” unquote, and amen.that’s weed talk news for this week…I’m Jimmy Young remember it’s a whole new world of weed out there…use it responsibly especially over this memorial day weekend.