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MJBiz Con Purchased for 120 Million Dollars | CEO Chris Walsh Discusses the Future of Cannabis Expos

Over ten years, MJBiz Con has become the world's largest Cannabis Convention, a must attend in Las Vegas, NV, for anyone in the business. Now those efforts have been rewarded. One of the kings of the trade show industry, Emerald Holdings, has acquired the cannabis show and gobbled them up for 120 million dollars! PCM's Jimmy Young goes one on one with a very happy MJBiz Con CEO Chris Walsh. After 50 years, the University of MIssissippi is no longer the only DEA approved source for legal research on cannabis by the Feds ending that monopoly. Montana opens sales of cannabis to the adult market and does close to 2 million dollars in sales in the first few days. Weed Talk News is the only comprehensive roundup of cannabis news from coast to coast with state by state reports from over 10 locations, plus the new European Report from Portugal correspondent Steven Arthur George.


January 7, 2022