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Is the MORE Act vote in the US House the next step in legalization of Weed?

Friday, the MORE Act will go to a vote on the floor of the US House of Representatives. If passed, it could be the next step towards legalization, expungement, a reversal of injustices past, and the opening of the banks to the cannabis industry. Or it could be just another lame duck bill that won't make it past the Senate because of the political chasm in Washington DC. Vote Pro Pot Cast's Phil Adams has the DC Report. The United Nations takes a historic step of its own by adopting the World Health Organization's recommendation to change the international schedule of cannabis to the least harmful class. The Green Report's Debra Borchardt has that story from New York. The State of Maine has a pretty good first month of sales for adult use, and the Maine Man, WeedBudz Radio's Ry Ruselll. The Canadian report is back with Solomon Israel from MJBIz Daily's International bureau. Curt Dalton from Cannabis.net and JImmy Young anchor Weed Talk News on Pro Cannabis Media.


December 4, 2020