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Legal Weed Passes?! Ok Its only polls now but Weed Should Take a big step to Legalization

n Weed Talk News this week, Curt Dalton and Jimmy Young take a look at the latest polling numbers in the states that can vote in Legalization on Election Day. Only one state is showing numbers that might not get it done. Which one? The State of The Cannabis Industry annual Burns and Levinson event, and delivery licenses are still up for grabs, and David Rabinovitz who watched the webinar tells us about the interview with the Bay State's weed Commissioner Steven Hoffman. Plus Mexico is ready to vote on that country's passing of legal cannabis laws. The US throws off the momentum from the World Health Organization's plans to deschedule cannabis internationally through the United Nations. Debra Borchardt's Green Market Report from NY., The Maine Man Ry Russell reports from Vacationland. Phil Adams with the Vote Pro Pot Cast DC Report.


November 1, 2020