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Legalization Reaction from DC to Colorado + Frenchy Cannoli Tribute

The first week of analysis of the Cannabis Administrative and Opportunity Act is lukewarm at best, as most advocates aren't exactly confident that the bipartisan political divide in DC will derail the good intentioned and passionate efforts of Senators Schumer, Booker, and Wyden. We hear from the CEO of one of the largest MSO's in the USA, Frank Knuettel from Unbridled Brands. He's the featured guest on In The Weeds with Debra Borchardt as guest co-host with Jimmy Young.
State reports from Coast to Coast, and two women entrepreneurs meet up in New Jersey to talk about how their beloved dogs love their CBD as Tara Misu visits The Canna Boss Lady's store in Maplewood NJ. Christina DeGiovanni from the Emerald Media Group offers a tribute to a California Hash legend named Frenchy Cannoli who passed away this past week at age 64.


July 23, 2021