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New Jersey Governor Imposes Weed Law Deadline

Legal Weed was voted in for adults in New Jersey in November but it's the underage laws that has forced their Governor Phil Murphy to impose a deadline of Friday to come to an agreement. on the laws. South Dakota cannabis advocates now face politically backed lawsuits to overturn the voters wishes on adult use laws that passed at the ballot box in the November elections. WeedMaps valuations go through the roof after their IPO reflects early earnings and projections. Plus a Canadian convenience chain is now offering weed gift cards.


January 29, 2021

New Jersey legislators come to agreement over civil penalties for underage cannabis users +

This week New Jersey legislators finally came to an agreement over civil penalties for underage cannabis users and now that bill moves to the governor’s desk to be signed to open the adult use cannabis market in that state.  Dan Ulloa of headynj.com has that story.


Meanwhile, last month In Massachusetts the Cannabis Control Commission Introduced a new delivery license for social equity applicants.  That induced a lawsuit from the Massachusetts Dispensary Association that challenged the Commission’s power to do that, but sure enough in this past week that lawsuit was dropped because reportedly many members believe they were lied to by that Association’s leadership. 

When it comes to enacting cannabis legislation it’s never easy. Case in point is South Dakota. That state went two for two at the Ballot box in November passing both medicinal marijuana and adult use questions. Now however, lawyers and politicians are getting involved with a lawsuit in order to change the will of the people. We reported a few weeks ago that there is a Constitutional challenge in South Dakota on whether those questions were properly phrased, or whether a ballot question can even change the state constitution through a revision, as opposed to an amendment. This all started when the Superintendent for the South Dakota highway patrol brought suit at the direction of the Governor Kristi Noem. They want a judge to throw out the results of the ballot question from November on procedural grounds. 

One of the biggest reasons for cannabis advocates to legalize Weed is that when you buy it from a legal licensed dispensary, you can rest assured knowing that it’s been tested. Well now a group of Testing labs in Michigan is calling foul on regulators because they have found mold in that state’s weed. Amazingly the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association is saying that there is no evidence that the product is tainted. So if you are in Michigan and you are in the market for cannabis who are you going to believe? The regulators or the testers?

Those stories and more from Green Market Report's Debra Borchardt and Phil Adams from Vote Pro Pot-Cast with the dc report on weed talk news with Ry Russell of Weedbudzradio and jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media.