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NY Cannabis legalization celebration, Tommy Chong & Federal Reform Update with Senator Chuck Schumer

For years, New Yorkers who enjoyed the pleasures of the "cannabis herb" had to do it in private, on Sunday they were lighting up in the streets on Broadway. The Big Apple played host to the annual New York City Cannabis Parade & Rally. Started in 1973, New York's pandemic cancellation last year led to this year's legalization coming out celebration and party. Steve DeAngelo of the Last Prisoner Project talks about the freedom of publicly "toking" on the streets of New York, and enjoying every minute of the New York City Cannabis Parade & Rally (NYCCPR). US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer led the cheers in Central Park, and the Green Market Report's Debra Borchardt was there. PCM Friend Stu Zakim was also in the front row and shared his phone video. The next day, Tommy Chong launched his preroll celebrity brand In Michigan with MKX Brands in all of the state's adult use dispensaries. .The eternally colorful 70's Movies legend shares his thoughts about the alcohol vs. cannabis debate. Michigan Cannabis Business Development and Weed Talk News correspondent, Rick Thompson hosted the virtual news conference. Sales Records were broken again in Illinois and NORML Margo Vesely has that story. MJBiz Canada reporter, Solomon Israel with
the Canadian Cannabis report. A salute to PCM's Nurses in appreciation of their contribution to the cannabis cause, and mission, in education and communication, Green Nurse Show Sherri Tutkus Nurse Mark Worster, and our Vermont report with Green Nurse Jessilyn Dolan. Phil Adams wraps up the show with the Vote Pro Pot Casts DC report.


May 7, 2021