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Racism, Business, Biden, Massroots, and Golf? A Busy Week in Cannabis Business

Weed Talk News for this week. It's called the Plan for Black America and it is part of Joe Bidens political platform now. It stops short of legalization, but any kind of Federal reform for cannabis, including decriminalization or de-scheduling will be a win for advocates. Perhaps the biggest part of this plan is to expunge the records of persons of color who are jailed for small possession crimes. Stormy Simon is out as CEO of High Times, joining the parade of two predecessors who have moved on from that group over the past six months. How's that IPO looking now? Plus when will weed become essential again in Massachusetts? We talk with Rev Clinics CEO Keith Cooper who is on the Bay State committee working to get adult use dispensaries open again. Plus a Super Bowl Champion player for the KC Chiefs gets arrested in South Carolina. He joins far too many black men getting hassled and arrested for a small amount of cannabis. At least he didn't get gunned down like Ahmed Aubrey in Georgia! That's a good thing? No, it's racism in 2020 America during "Corona-geddon."


May 8, 2020