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US Senators Ask AG Garland to Deschedule Weed

On Weed Talk News this week, two US Senators appeal to Attorney General Merrick Garland to deschedule weed from the controlled substances act and put a deadline of October 20th on a response. The NBA will not test their players for cannabis this season, an extension of a policy first implemented during the bubble postseason in Orlando last year. Snoop Dog's VC group enters into the European market with an investment in Portugal's first medical licensee. A preview of the tenth annual MJ Biz Con coming up in Las Vegas next week with one of their featured speakers, attorney Nick Richards from Greenspoon Marder. Plus state by state reports from Oklahoma, Missouri, Michigan, Vermont, DC, and Massachusetts. Anchored by PCM Founder Jimmy Young and introducing Alaina Pinto.


October 18, 2021