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Weed for Adult sales in Maine now open. Vermont projections reach 250Million by 2025

On Weed Talk News this week, The Maine Man, Ry Russell from Weedbudzradion.com subs for Curt Dalton with Jimmy Young and they discuss the first week of adult use sales of cannabis in Vacationland, AKA the great state of Maine. Vicente Sederberg projects Vermont sales could reach 225 million by 2025. New Zealand votes for legalization this weekend, and another disturbing report about law enforcement targeting people of color for possession of cannabis crimes more than violent crimes. A research report from Colorado about those who partake and those who do not, should share that information with their anesthesiologists before they go under for surgery since they might wake up in the middle! Debra Borchardt’s Green Market Report from New York, Solomon Israel of MJBiz Daily International with the Canadian Cannabis report and Phil Adams from Vote Pro Pot Cast with the DC report on this week’s Weed Talk News on Pro Cannabis Media.


October 16, 2020