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Cannabis Wins. Now Legal in Fifteen States

Checking the totals...Five states clear the way for adult use of recreational cannabis. South Dakota, New Jersey, Arizona, Montana all pass ballot questions opening the legal cannabis industry in those states. South Dakota and MIssissippi also pass medical programs for cannabis. Democrats might be disappointed that results from contested congressional seats did not secure them a majority. However all indications are that VP Joe Biden is on the brink of clinching the Presidency. Could decriminalizing and descheduling of cannabis become a reality in 2021? A local Massachusetts Asset Strategy Company is now offering legal 401K plans to MRB's, Marijuana Related Businesses. Plus Weedbudzradio's Maine Man Ry Russell, reports on how Portland might become "Potland" in Vacationland. Phil Adams with the DC report, and Green Market Reports Debra Borchardt in New York.


November 9, 2020