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Legends of the Cannabis Industry, Bruce Linton, Joe Lusardi, and Chris Walsh join us!

Over the past ten years, Bruce Linton, Joe Lusardi, and Chris Walsh have built cannabis "empires." Linton, as the former CEO of Canopy Growth, Lusardi is the CEO of Curaleaf, and Chris Walsh, the Co-founder and CEO of MJBiz Daily. They've been in the middle of the Green Wave in North America raising and making millions of dollars, and establishing a base of successful cannabis businesses. What is their secret? How are they surviving during the Coronavirus? They've gone through "highs" and "lows" and now have had to lay off some of their employees. No matter their successes and respect in the industry, they still have to battle the stigma of being in the weed business, trying to earn respect from regulators and their Board of Directors.


April 17, 2020