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US Sets Weed Sales Record in 2020! Seth Rogen launches Houseplant

2020 was a great year for the cannabis industry. Even though the pandemic sent everyone home for long periods of time, the plant was named essential in most legal states during the Covid shut down and want did most people do? PARTY! That's right, more cannabis was sold in the United States legally than in any year before over 17 Billion dollars. Most experts believe this is just the beginning of the cannabis boom, and if the Feds decriminalize possession then the industry will really explode in 2021. You can add Virginia to the list of Adult Use legal states, bringing that total to 16 now even though South Dakota continues' it's legal fight.Phil Adams from Vote Pro Pot Cast has details on that development. Canadian comedian and actor Seth Rogen is bringing his favorite weed strains to California for sale and online orders already crashed his website. Solomon Israel from MJBiz Daily International has the Canadian report. Debra Borchardt from the Green Market report has the latest on merger and acquisitions in the cannabis space while Massachusetts based Mari Med gets a huge infusion of cash from a healthcare company. Weed Talk News expands it's state coverage with reports from Vermont from their Green Nurse Jessilyn Dolan and Tara Misu has the New Jersey report. Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis Media anchors Weed Talk News from outside of Boston.


March 5, 2021