Jul 13, 2020


Get Re-Leaf with Uncle Pete-Master Maine Caregiver, Advocate, and on his 4th lease on life!

Maine, the way life should be, Vacationland, it's a special place in New England. Uncle Pete Tranchemontagne calls Sanford Maine his home. He's been a caregiver in the medical cannabis space in his home state for as long as they existed. He helped change a law that banned weed smokers from receiving organs from donors. His organs were ready to be harvested when he fell into a coma for 4 months in 1986, lost a little liver, a part of his pancreas, but he survived that. Until a relapse of that internal chemical explosion caused a staph infection, and then...he fell off a forklift while working and broke his neck and spine. He's a miracle man, giving his knowledge of the cannabis he grows and sells legally out of his house with his family at Uncle Pete's Re-Leaf. This is special In The Weeds with Jimmy Young and a Maine legend Uncle Pete Tranchemontagne.