Sep 24, 2021


Master Cannabis Confectioner Julian Rose talks about making edibles.

Talk about a dream job? That's the life of master chocolatier and confection master Julian Rose of INSA. After growing up in his parent's bakery in Montreal, Quebec, he became one of the most sought after consultants in the world in his sweet world. Now he's the Director of Research and Development of confection production at INSA, a cannabis dispensary with three locations in Massachusetts in Easthampton, Springfield, and Salem. While flower continues to be the dominant means of cannabis use among adults, edibles, tinctures, concentrates are all growing in popularity, and potency. The challenges of balancing the thousands of cannabinoids in a plant and mixing a consistent batch of sweetness that tastes good, is why INSA recruited Julian Rose, and now are producing some of the most popular products in the state. Now, Julian Rose on In the Weeds with Jimmy Young.