Hi everyone, welcome to news dabs, i’m jimmy young reporting for the pro cannabis media group and pro cannabis media dot com.  Every week we keep an eye out for the most interesting stories in the emerging cannabis industry from here in our home state of massachusetts, and around the world.

We start in the bay state where the 4 month vaping ban is now in its second month. Governor Charlie Baker cited public health when he imposed his ban on vaping, and now it has one death to report. A woman in her 60’s from hampshire county has died from lung disease associated with vaping. 

Initially the mass department of public health indicated that she was vaping nicotine or e-cigarette products but now state health officials are protecting that information from the media.  The mystery over the products causing these lung related viruses continues to grow with all sides of the issue pointing fingers at vaping both e-cigarettes and with thc based cannabis concentrates. Governor Charlie Baker continues to stand firm on his policy that basically shut down the vaping business in the commonwealth saying friday quote “that they can sue us if they don’t like it. “ Cannabis Control Commissioner Steve Hoffman also indicated that there might be “accomodations” in the works for those who use vaping as a means to self medicate with cannabis.

If you think that’s confusing, wait until you hear about Rudy Giuliani’s friends. That’s right the former New York mayor and now a member of the presidents legal team saw two ukrainian associates of his get arrested for funneling foreign money into us elections, and that is illegal. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were also cited for allegedly donating money to a republican gubernatorial candidate in Nevada with the aim at getting access to one of that state’s coveted cannabis licenses.  According to my sources there, those licenses are being sold for as much as 10 million dollars.

Finally, we’ve already reported that the National Football League is looking at alternative pain treatments that include CBD. Well, according to the LA Times, it looks like Major League Baseball is also looking at changes to their policy regarding marijuana in replace of opioids as a pain treatment. Of course it did take the death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaags to get their attention. The toxicology report on that player who died by drowning in his own vomit, found opioids and alcohol in his system. 

Baseball’s system of testing is stricter at the minor league level where in this season, 80 percent of the players who tested positive for drugs in their system were found to have consumed cannabis, or used cbd products with more than .3% THC in them. In fact ellipse analytics did a study on the 250 top selling CBD products found that 21% of those products tested for more than .3% THC than was allowed.  So know what you are taking and who you are getting it from. Remember it’s a whole new world of weed out there so learn and use it responsibly.

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1 Vaping Death in Mass, Arrest of Giuliani associates & MLB looks at cannabis for pain treatment

A woman in her 60's has died from lung disease associated with vaping, but the Massachusetts Department of Public Health is with holding information about cause of death. Rudy Giuliani who is a member of the Presidents' legal team, watched two of his associates from the Ukraine get arrested for allegedly donating money to influence US elections, and they are also involved in a pay for cannabis license ploy in Nevada. After the death of Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs, Major League Baseball is looking to change its policy for pain management and might use cannabis, all on News Dabs with Jimmy Young.