Hi everyone welcome to another edition of news dabs, i’m Jimmy young reporting for the pro cannabis media group and pro cannabis media dot com. 

We have cannabis news from here in Massachusetts to DC to Michigan today.---as of december first, michigan is the 10th state to legalize the adult use of cannabis. People in massachusetts might remember that their opening day of on november 20th last year was cold, rainy and snowy. That same weather greeted hundreds in Ann Arbor Michigan where there are 3 stores now open. Some brave souls even camped out overnight! for over 30 years that city and state has been in the forefront of cannabis activism in the midwest with ann arbor the center of the debate. Illinois is poised to be the next midwest state to legalize cannabis, and that happens on the first day of 2020.  ---- meanwhile back here in Massachusetts, bay state governor Charlie Baker cut back on his vaping ban on flavored e-cigarettes to december 11th, but made no concession about cannabis based vapes.  The decision to lift the quarentine on thc based vapes is now squarely in the hands of the cannabis control commission. Their next meeting is on december 19th. ---a few weeks ago, some of the biggest names in the medicinal cannabis industry in massachusetts presented their scientific findings at the medicinal cannabis patient therapies and wellness summitt at the crowne plaza boston hotel in Newton. One of the doctors who was there is doctor ryan zaklin from Salem Mass.  He is one of the most respected integrative health doctors in the bay state. Now, integrative medicine is all about healing the whole person. That includes their lifestyle integrating eastern medicine with the west. he is an expert on the human endocannabinoid system which has been at the forefront of the scientific research that is fueling the legalization movement in this country. Dr. zaklin explains how the ecs or endocannabinoid system has a balancing function inside the entire human body sot…the entire interview with dr. ryan zaklin will be released this week on my in the weeds with jimmy young podcast on itunes, spotify, and our social media channels.dr. z is a fascinating respected doctor in his field.  and our final news dab in this whole new world of weed that we are living in now, comes from our friends in the federal government, you know the folks down in washington dc who still can’t figure out that by passing the farm bill last year they probably should have had fda regulations ready first. oh and by the way, last week the fda reported…”we’re still working on it”.  The federal government will be growing 30 percent more cannabis for research on its only grow farm at the university of mississippi next year. how much you ask? 3.2 million grams, that’s just over 3.5 tons of weed..but remember its still a schedule 1 drug. Only in america…right don king?  I’m Jimmy young reporting for the pro cannabis media network dot com. We leave you now with some cannabis friendly events in the greater boston area. Next week, i’ll be reporting from MJBizcon the largest cannabis convention in the world in Las Vegas Nevada….

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Another State Gets Legal Adult Weed & Mass Cuts Down its Vaping

Cold weather, wind, rain and snow didn't stop hundreds of people lining up for Michigan's first day of Adult Use cannabis sales in Ann Arbor. Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts backs off his 4 month ban, but cannabis vaping is still in the hands of the Cannabis Control Commission. Plus this week's In The Weeds with Jimmy Young guest Dr. Ryan Zaklin explains how the endocannabinoid system balances the entire human body.