We take a look at cannabis news in massachusetts with an eye on the Nation. We start with another court victory for Bay State Governor Charlie Baker. Six weeks ago the Governor placed a four month shut down on the vaping industry, citing public safety concerns. Now a judge is saying the Governor has it right, but might not have done it the right way. Suffolk superior court judge  Douglas Wilkins ruled the ban can stay in place but has cited the baker administration for the procedures that led to that decision.

In the mean time two more adult use cannabis dispensaries have opened in Massachusetts. One in Oxford and one in Lynn. Curaleaf is running the adult use dispensary in Oxford and Apothca get its commerce operations order from the cannabis control commission to open its doors in Lynn. That bring the Bay State’s total of adult use stores to 30!

Meanwhile, Revolutionary Clinics has sued the city of Cambridge over the two year moratorium put in place that is keeping the already existing medical dispensaries from opening to the adult use market. In September the Cambridge City council enacted a policy that reserves the adult use host agreements for the economic empowerment applicants in that city.

Wednesday is the Burns and Levinson Law Firm’s 3rd Annual State of The Cannabis Industry event at the Westin in WAltham. It’s an all day program of panels and interviews. Check out burnslev.com for more info.

One company that is laying off 25% of their workforce is Weedmaps of Irvine California. It seems that their executives over estimated how quickly other states would be enacting new cannabis laws. It Didn’t help that Weedmaps was also listing locations to buy weed on the illegal market, something they never should have done in the first place. Another example of why it’s a whole new world of weed out there. Play by the rules...

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Baker wins on vaping ban, Rev Clinics sues Cambridge, Layoffs at Weedmaps & more

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker wins another court battle to keep his vaping ban alive, Rev Clinics sues the City of Cambridge, Weedmaps lays hoss 25% of their workforce, and Burns and Levinson's Frank Segall previews their 3rd annual State of Cannabis event those are the stories of the week on News Dabs in Massachusetts.