Hi everyone, welcome to news dabs for this week, I'm jimmy young reporting for the pro cannabis media group and procannabismedia.com. We look for the most interesting stories from the emerging cannabis industry. to be honest, not a lot of good news on that front.

We didn’t have to look too hard to find our lead story…fall river massachusetts mayor Jayzell Corriea the second, gets the stoned bonehead of the week award, or is it of the year? Jayzell Correira ii is 27 years old and was arrested for the second time last week for extortion of 4 cannabis companies offering those golden host security agreements in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars…and a bonus of 12-15 pounds of pot! Amazingly this is the same guy who was facing a federal indictment on fraud and bribery charges from last year. Call me crazy but maybe the 27 year old mayor of fall river might want to rethink his motives and priorities? What this story does is expose the power local officials and landlords have over anyone in who is looking for a place to open a cannabis shop. It also gives more credence to those who believe the cannabis control commision should be given more power to oversee those host agreements.

The next big story this week is the continued investigations into the dangers of vaping as the sick toll mounts with the only link to any of them is that they all were using vape pens before their lungs got infected with some kind of virus that can become deadly.  the us center for disease control has asked everyone to stop vaping any and all substances before they can investigate further the cause of these mysterious lung diseases.

The concern about the medicinal supply and use of thousands of patients who ingest their medicine that way was enough for a number of massachusetts medical dispensaries to issue an explanation about what’s in the concentrates many of them sell. Sira naturals, garden remedies, alternative compassion services and others explain that there is nothing but natural full spectrum cannabinoids in any of their lab tested concentrates. even though no single contaminant was found in all of these cases of lung disease, there is some concern about the inhalation of vapor and the impact and effect it has on the lungs.  Once again more research is needed, but continued vaping is a concern for all, no matter what the product.

When Massachusetts passed question 4 in 2016 allowing for the adult use of cannabis for anyone over the age of 21, part of that initiative was the first of its kind in the us. The law was set up to give opportunities to those who have been most affected by the failed war on drugs.  Now they have banded together and formed a group called,  real action for cannabis equity or r-a-c-e. this group will work to ensure equal opportunities for those communities of color who will work to ensure equal opportunities under that law.

Every adult has an opportunity to check out some free educational and networking events for boston cannabis week. one of those events is on monday september 16th, called  the conscious community. you will get information about education, lab testing and the social equity efforts in the bay state, just one of many pro cannabis events next week in Boston.

For more details about that event and the rest of the week, check it out on their facebook page.  It all winds up at the freedom rally on the common in Boston…that will do it for News Dabs for the week. Remember...it’s a whole new world of weed out there, use it responsibly.

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